Happy New Year and Back to Work

Well, the holidays are over and it’s back to work time.  Time to implement our New Years resolutions.  One of our resolutions this year will be to make sure that systems we put in place previously are still working.  We need to remind ourselves every once in awhile to make sure your business is on track.  In the beginning when you are first starting your medical billing business, there is not much of a track to check on.  But as you grow and find yourself trusting your workflow to others, it is imortant to check up once in a while to make sure that these jobs you entrusted are being carried out the way you want them done.

Time was when I was personally doing every aging report that was run.  I was the one making sure it was run once a month and entered correctly.  I’m not doing that job any more myself but I need to make sure that the person I trained to handle that job is doing the job and doing it to my standards.

So as you grow in your medical billing business and you are not doing all the work yourself any more, make sure that work is still being completed to your standards.  It’s easy to go on to the bigger problems of running and growing your business, but you still need to make sure the parts of the business you are not working in any more are still on track.


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