Working In Your Business Or On It

When I used to hear people say “To be successful you can’t work in your business, you have to work on it” I didn’t know what they meant. It wasn’t until I actually was able to stop working in it and I began to work on it that I even remotely understood what they were trying to tell me.

If you are trying to grow your medical billing business but you are too busy doing all the work you won’t have time to do the things necessary to make your business grow. If you are small enough that you have to do all the work, then you should set aside time for working on the business, set goals and work on an action plan to achieve those goals.

If you have employees then you need to try to transfer as many of your duties as you can to your employees so that you are free to work on the business. You may think that your employees can’t do the jobs you are doing. That may be true for some jobs but if you really think about it, most of the things you do could be done by someone else.

Don’t just sit back and see where your business goes. Take it where you want it to go!


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PS Six more inches of snow today. That makes 50″ so far this season. Talk about scheduling time for certain duties, a lot of my time has been spent shoveling snow this month.
Stay warm,


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