New Year – Deductibles, New Insurances, New Headaches

Well, it’s 2009. For medical billers this has an added meaning other than new starts, new resolutions, losing weight (lol), etc. It means remembering to key in 2008 for the December charges that we’re still entering and 2009 for the January ones. May sound stupid to some, but to those who work with software programs that make this not so easy, they completely understand.

It also means deductibles kick in. (You mean I have to pay my deductible again? I just paid it in January of last year.) It also means patients may have a new insurance plan and forget to tell the doctors’ office. Many employers switch insurance plans on the start of the new year.

New fee schedules for Medicare and other carriers.

New rules regarding authorizations.

There are a lot of news for us medical billers when it comes to a new year. So lets get started on another year of fun! 🙂

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