Do you have a medical billing question?

How many times a day do each of us come up with a question in the field of medical billing? Quite often. It seems like there are more questions than there are answers. With so many variables we run into many different situations that require different actions every day of the week. It’s nice to be able to share answers. Like this morning. It wasn’t a medical billing question, but we needed an answer.

Six AM I got a call from Michele. Her husband Rick was late for work because one of the cables on their garage door had snapped with both cars trapped in the garage. How do you get the darned door open with only one cable. If there was a garage door forum, we would go to it and ask our question which we probably would find was already answered many times by grateful people who hadn’t been killed when their cable snapped. I did suggest that Michele “google” the problem. Not sure what happened as my husband hasn’t returned yet from trying to help them.

My point?? You can get answers to your medical billing questions on our free forum.

Now does anyone know of a garage door forum?



One Response to “Do you have a medical billing question?”

  1. Carrielynne Handcox Says:

    Where can I find a contract example to take with me to sign my first client. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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