Looking for work as a medical biller

I got an email this weekend from someone asking how to find a job in medical billing now that she has finished school and graduated with honors.  I told her that I would give her the same advice I just gave my grandson who is looking for a new job.

Yes, it’s a tough economy now.  Many businesses are laying off.  But there are a few jobs available.  There are new doctors getting started who need help.  There are people retiring in doctors offices.  There are offices expanding.  There are a few jobs out there.  There may be ten people looking for one job (or even more than ten) but one person will be hired for the job.  Make sure you present yourself as that person.  Be the person that doctor or hospital wants to hire.  Get your resumes’ out there.  Call the employers and check to make sure they got the resume and ask if they will consider you for a job.  Make sure your resume is good.  Get help if you need it.  Call all the billing services in your area and ask if they are hiring.  Keep your ears open to any news from any doctor’s offices about anyone leaving.  Be serious about looking for the job.  Your job while you are looking is to look for a job every day.

It is a tough economy right now. We are all being touched by it. We would much rather be enjoying a healthy, growing economy, but that’s not the reality now.


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