Counting Keystrokes

I’ve been noticing something lately that I hadn’t really considered much in the past. I’ve been counting keystrokes. Why would anyone in their right mind count keystrokes? Well, we have really been working diligently lately at getting systems in place that improve our efficiency and counting keystrokes became an issue.

We’ve used Lytec software for 15 years now and found it to be very user friendly and capable. We are billing for 60 providers with it. Last summer we started looking at web based software to see what all the excitement is about. I guess what really got us interested in the web based software was when we had an account that wanted to hire us if we used a web based software. They asked us to call if we ever change over to a web based software.

What’s that got to do with counting keystrokes? Plenty.

When we looked into web based medical billing software, we realized how much more efficient billing can be than the way we have been doing it for 15 years. The advantages of some web based programs are so great that they could cut our data entry time in half.

Here is an example. Years ago we used to print each claim that was going to go out on paper as we entered the claim. Then we would send the electronic claims. One day Michele had a stroke of brilliance and realized how many keystrokes it saved to change the process. If we sent the electronic claims first and then printed the rest of the claims it saved literally hundreds of keystrokes on an average account. Instead of printing each claim individually, she printed the batch with the same number of keystrokes that it took to send a single claim. To print a claim in Lytec (or a batch of claims) we go through as many as five screens and use eight keystrokes. When you multiply that times maybe 25 paper claims you see the wasted effort.

Then in our search for an affordable web based software we found a company that could make processes such as printing much simpler. Many activities that took several steps with other software were combined into one simple click to accomplish. These simple changes made a tremendous difference in our productivity and efficiency. We would advise anyone looking into purchasing a new practice management system to consider looking at a web based system. Many are extremely costly, especially for a medical billing service, but the one we found is not only affordable but has much more advanced capabilities than most of the others. For more information, complete this short survey and Maggs or Rob will give you more information.

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