Expand Your Medical Billing Business

Later this month we will be releasing our newest book. The reason we are so excited about this book is that it will offer the new medical billing service a way to increase their income while expanding their marketing by providing an added service. We discovered this effective marketing technique quite accidentally. Actually it arose as the result of a challenge/problem.

A few years ago we were billing for an eye doctor who worked at Wal-Mart eye centers. He kept moving around to different Wal-Mart locations. Each time he took on a new location it required a new Medicare application and notification to all the insurance carriers he participated with. At that time we took care of any credentialing needs of our providers free of charge. After the fourth or fifth Medicare application, we decided we couldn’t do this any more. (Sometimes we are slow learners.)

We started charging for our credentialing services and found that our doctors referred us to other doctors for their credentialing too. We started getting calls for credentialing that also lead to leads for billing. The beauty of the credentialing was that we got paid up front for the service. We got paid by credit card for an application when we finished the application. We didn’t have to wait until the money came in from the insurance carrier and then for the provider to get billed and pay us. This can be a great advantage to a new biller in so many ways.

First of all, it brings in cash much sooner than billing will to a struggling new business. Cash flow was definitely a problem when we started our business and credentialing income back then would have greatly helped our success.

Secondly, much of our credentialing business is from beginning providers who may be looking for a billing service or at least open to hearing about your billing service after you have done a great job handling their credentialing needs. These new providers aren’t that much different than you are. They too need help in getting their medical business started. The most difficult part of marketing a medical billing business is getting to talk to the provider to tell them about your service. When you offer credentialing services, you find doctors calling you.

So how do you get started with your credentialing services? That’s what we are so excited about. We spent the last six months writing our first credentialing book “Medicare Enrollment – Completing the 855I Correctly”. This is the first of a series of credentialing books we are writing and will explain everything you need to know about successfully completing a Medicare application. We explain how to determine which forms you need to complete for each situation, where to find and exactly how to complete the application, what pitfalls to avoid for quicker processing, and we provide you with a list of the required information a provider needs to send to you. Basically we provide everything you need to start completing Medicare applications for providers.

We will be releasing our new book “Medicare Enrollment – Completing the 855I Correctly” in mid December. Watch for the announcement in an email. If you are interested in pre-ordering this ebook, you can send me an email at alice-solutions@cnymail.com.

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4 Responses to “Expand Your Medical Billing Business”

  1. Allison Lux Nuovo Says:

    What do you charge drs for this service? Are certain practices more difficult to credential as opposed to others? Thanks for your input! With Integrity, Allison

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      The charges vary depending on the credentialing. Medicare – individual vs group, 1 doc, multiple docs, etc. Also, CAQH credentialing is separate and then commercial. The commercial carriers vary so much that you have to figure out a fee. We are actually in the process of writing some books on credentialing. Hope to have the first one available December 15th.

      Medical Credentialing

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:


      The charges vary from $125 – 225 depending on the forms that need to be completed. Most practices are the same, at least for Medicare. If you complete the correct form, and put in all the required information, attach all the necessary attachments, they go thru pretty easy!


      Medicare Enrollment

  2. Medicare Enrollment Completing the 855I « Solutions Medical Billing’s Weblog Says:

    […] Here’s more information about how you can get lots of new marketing leads by offering Medicare credentialing services. Posted in Uncategorized. Leave a Comment » […]

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