Medicare Enrollment Completing the 855I

Our newest book, “Medicare Credentialing – Completing the 855I Correctly” is going to be available later this week. We are really excited about the marketing leads that offering the service of Medicare credentialing can generate. We will be sending out an email later this week announcing the release of our ebook and we’ve decided to give away one free download to someone who is serious about getting their business going. If you are serious about using Medicare credentialing to find new leads for your medical billing service, leave us a blog post telling us why you want a copy of our new book and how you will use it to increase your business. We will pick the best entry and send a free download to that person. Good luck!!

Here’s more information about how you can get lots of new marketing leads by offering Medicare credentialing services.

Medicare Provider Credentialing


30 Responses to “Medicare Enrollment Completing the 855I”

  1. Brendalee Alvarez Says:

    I want a copy of your new book because I been having problems completing the 855I correctly since june 2009. Everytime I mailed the papers to them, they send it back to me asking for more information. This have me worry because I need to have everything in order to increase my business. Sorry for my English!

    • A. Karafilovski Says:

      I live and breathe medical billing! It would be really nice to have a reference book at times so I don’t have to wait on the phone for hours when I forget something!

      I’m 20 and run and own a medical billing firm. Its very busy around these parts! Cutting down phone time would be HUGE for me!

      Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Joe Corso Says:

    Is anyone just starting having as much trouble as I am? I mean how do you get experience if no one will hire or use you? Even all my years of exsperience in other fields doesn’t count.

    • Bev Says:

      Consider taking a part-time billing job to get experience. You will be glad you did so that you can learn even more.

  3. Denise Coley Says:

    As you both know, I have been asking questions on your forum for months regarding credentialing matters. I have been doing some credentialing for a few doctors, but in all honesty, would like to increase my market. Credentialing is a facinating, interesting, yet, can be cumbersome with all the paperwork, kind of business and there is a need for good credentialing companies. I love it! In the forum, I’ve asked how much to charge, what about NPI numbers and more. You have all helped me very much, but I am still learning. I believe having a copy of your new book world benefit me by offering many of the details I need in order to have more confidence in myself to go out and market my services as a true professional. And, to help with any other details I just might not know about. Your advice has helped me through each step I was taking at that time, so I believe that your information located in one place (your book) will be immensely helpful. If I were to win the copy of your new credentialing book, I would want to provide you with any feedback as to how it helped me increase my market share and my bottom line. It would be a privilege to win the copy of your new credentialing book. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Denise Coley

  4. Adrienne White Says:

    I am starting a new billing company and am very interested in creatively generating leads. Offering this service has definitely piqued my interest.

  5. Phyllis Disegna Says:

    It’s tough out there. No one said it would be easy though. I read articles, books, blogs to stay on top of all the new information but really want my 1st client so I can get the hands on to learn the business. I’m working hard for it and I know it will break but I need all the help I can get! Love your books!

  6. Karen Ward Says:

    Hello Michele and Alice: I had read your newsletter and saw the invitation to submit a blogg in regards to how we would use your newly released book on credentialing to increase business. I
    am new to blogging, and not sure exactly where to submit, so I hope I am posting in the correct place. J

    Long story short, the way that I got in to medical billing is a bit unusual, as I had no experience or background in this field, except the little experience you have as a parent dealing with insurance companies etc.

    My children’s father passed away at a very young age (39) of colon cancer. My children all, obviously were devastated. My youngest gave me a run for my money as she was growing. I don’t think she ever quite dealt with the death of her dad. I started trying to get help for her with counseling, hence how I got in to this service. I noticed going from doc office to doc office that there never seemed to be a receptionist. You just came in sat in the waiting room, made sure if you hadn’t previously done it, that you complete the intake information then on to see the counselor.

    The counselors knew I was having a very difficult time financially, as their father hadn’t planned for this, and I was on my own financially to support three children. One of them suggested I learn the billing service and that I could do this from home. I did and I have been doing this for three years successfully.

    I am at a point now where I need to grow my business. This has helped tremendously, but I still am struggling. I am now the proud grandmother of three grandchildren, however, they all live in TN and I live in MA. None of us are well off financially and in order for me to be able to either go there to visit them or for them to come here, I need to increase my income. Several counselors have mentioned how much they hate the credentialing part of the process. Many of them are not credentialed to take on medicare or medicaid patients. I have recently been hitting the pavement hard to try and sell my service. Going to doc offices with candy and my packets of information and following up with phone calls. I have also been mailing postcards. I would love to be able to let all the counselors I work for and any potential counselors know that I am qualified to help them with this process. I agree with you when you say there is potential out there to get new billing clients if you can help them with their credentialing. I really need help moving in this direction, as the credentialing aspect is totally new to me. I am definitely a perfectionist and need the security of this book to know I am doing things correctly. The livebilling website has been so helpful, especially in building my confidence. I am hoping the book will do the same. Any help that I could get from this book would help me not only professionally but also help me in keeping close to my children and grandchildren.

    I believe by offering this service, it would make me much more marketable.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to share with you.

  7. Erika Says:

    Beginnings are hard, the more you know, the better. i would love to be able to include credentialling in my list of services and have that advantage among all the competition. especially the kind that is creating a bad name for this business with their lower prices, empty promises and unethical billing. i have looked through the caqh form and truly, without education it would take days to complete it and to have it approved without mistakes even longer. it would be great to have the resources to learn the correct “know how” and use this benefit to get my name out there and get a secure and stable clientel. i wish the person in the biggest need to get your free book though. god bless!

  8. Meera Says:

    I have started a new billing service and am very interested in generating leads. I believe by offering this service, it would make me more marketable.


  9. Dyja Eelbode Says:

    I am a new chiropractic billing company and have chiropractors in a few states that have been trying to get credentialed with MCR for a few years with no luck. I would like to help them get their forms complete and finally become MCR providers as well as train my new staff how to do the same.

  10. Brendan Dougherty Says:

    I have been trying to get a medical billing business off the ground- have a friend on the west coast who started one and added credentially service to his business and it not only gave him some income but he was able to spin the credentially service into being the doctors choice for their outsource provider.

    He has just said – it’s easy – say you can do it, but I feel that I need some material/training before I can fully offer a service.

  11. Dana Bissontz Says:

    I have a legal nurse consulting business that I am expanding to include services such as medical case management, medicare set-asides, workers compensation case management, and medical billing and transcription. I think this download would be an immense help in order to get things progressing in the right direction rather quickly. I would be grateful for any type of assistance, so even if I don’t win I will keep pursuing opportunities to grow. Best of luck to everyone entering this contest.

  12. Jeannie Bowser Says:

    I do medical billing for several mental health providers, and would welcome the opportunity to expand my business. This sounds like a great tool for doing the same.

  13. Joshua Says:

    Currently in the midst of credentialing my provider, book would be a great help.

  14. Sameera Siddiqui Says:

    I want a copy of the ebook as I am a knowledge freak and prefer sharing it with all around me. Our providers have been having trouble for long and knowledge share like this will help us all to a great deal and in right direction. Thanks for assisting us through this and being so helpful to providers across nation.

  15. Linda Myers Says:

    I would love a resource like this. I have had many years of experience with Medicare credentialing and everything you think you have it handled they change something. This would be a wonderful opportunity to show my employer that I am with it and ahead of the game. Best of luck to all. We are all winners in one way or another.

  16. Daniel Levie Says:

    I have just started working for a medical billing company and am having trouble getting in touch with the person who makes decisions in the doctors office. Any tips on getting meetings and/or meeting doctors.

  17. Carmen MG Says:

    My husband and I have worked in this field for several years and the one common emotion I have noticed from Providers is “frustration”. They are so overwhelmed with balancing their patients along with following the rules of the industry. I have noticed they really become confused when it gets down to what company requires which form etc. I truly enjoy assisting and love to stay on top of trends, changes in policy that will keep me with the consistency in the standard of how we operate. I would really love an opportunity to learn more through your book to challenge myself to take it to the next level.

  18. Laura Donnelly Says:

    Hello Alice & Michelle,
    I am new to your website and find your information helpful and informative. I have just started my own provider credentialing business and would love to add your book as a wonderful and useful reference guide for filing 855I applications to Medicare. This is a exciting and somewhat frighting step into the world of my own business and any helpful insight to what I like to call the “Medicare Maze” would be a welcome relief. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Laura Donnelly

  19. Marylyn Says:

    Hello Michele and Alice,

    I believe the more you know the more you grow!! Especially in the medical billing business!!

    I always knew I wanted to be my own boss one day but wasn’t sure what it was I wanted to do. I use to be in the military and my late father in law was a surgeon. On a holiday visit to my in laws, my mother in law took me in to his office to help her with some billings and other administrative work. I just remember the problems she had with the credentialing process. At that time, I had NO training in the medical billing arena. I just knew with all the papers around and not filed, my father in law was losing a lot of money. But he didn’t care, because with him, it was PATIENT NEEDS above whether they could afford it or not. I came home and told my husband, “Your dad is losing a LOT of money!!” He told me his dad wasn’t worried about that so much as taking care of his patients. I found he was right because a year later, he was tragically killed by a drunk driver and I remember the whole medical community came to pay their respects. And still 20 years after his death, they still talk about what a wonderful surgeon he was and his outstanding bedside manner:-) We now live in the city where he practiced and people recognize our last name and always ask about the connection.

    It was that thought about his billing situation 20 years ago that sent me on a research mission to find out as much as I could about this business. Three and a half years ago, I decided to start my billing company. Bbefore I started it, I went back to school, got my degree in Medical Billing and Coding and started my business. I managed to complete a 2 year program in 18 months while working 55+ hours and I am very proud to say I graduated with honors! It was a struggle because I had lower back spinal fusion surgery right at the start of the program and I was determined I would take the online classes and I did despite my husband’s objections! Ladies, every day is a new learning experience for me and I thoroughly ENJOY it!! Having your book “Medicare Credentialing – Completing the 855I Correctly” will take me to the next level and enable me to provide a new service my clients deserves and needs. Because, not only do I function as their billing provider, I’m a consultant as well. It didn’t start out that way though. They’d ask me a question and if I don’t know or was not sure about the answer, I’m off to do some research and get the correct answer.

    Ladies, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to express our reasons for wanting your book. It also gave me an opportunity to share the story of my wonderful father in law’s love of the medical profession and the high standards in patient care he gave his patients.

    Blessings to all and Wishing all a very prosperous new year!!

    Marylyn – Ohio

  20. Shanel Wilkes Says:

    I trying to start my own med billing service. I haven’t been in everyday billing circulation since 2008! This book will be a lifesavior for me and my servicee.

  21. Danielle Says:

    Hi Alice & Michelle: The first day I came upon your website I knew you were two special ladies. You both have set the example of giving and helping unconditionally!!!! Thank you so much for that. I believe when you are doing something that you are passionate about, that passion flows out in helping others may it be doctors or just individuals who are in the start up stage, ones who want to expad their business. I am truly passionate about helping healthcare professionals to achieve their goals for their practice(s). I know receiving the e-book on credentialing would be a great service to offer! It would be a privilege to win a copy of the credentialing book. Thank you some much for being passionate & open to sharing your knowledge with others.

    Danielle Dukes

  22. Shirley Says:

    I am like so many who are replying to this blog, starting a new medical billing company. Like most things I start I do research first, I got everything set up including hiring two men (they were members of my church) who knew how to do medical billing, I purchase your book and found it more helpful than any marterial I purchase, but the two guys I hired to help, removed all of the marterial and software program that I had collected out of the small office I had set up. I am told by the people located in the office suite next door they moved the things out. I have filed a report, but that doesn’t help me start back over. Winning this credentialing book would help not only add marterial back, just would be good to get help. This has not or will it stop me from opening my business up, it just help me to be more careful for myself but most of all for my future clients. Thank you for all of the help you ladies are sharing with so many who are setting out in this amazing medical world.
    Shirley R. Neely
    CAS Billing

  23. amy Says:

    Hi there, it would be really helpful to have this book. Any information on Medicare would be so helpful. I have had nothing but problems in dealing with Medicare. Just trying to change our office address has taken me over a year. It seems I either completed the wrong form or I completed the correct form and something is incorrect or missing. It seems Medicare tries to make things sooooo difficult! So, needless to say I could really use this book!

  24. Lorie Howard Says:

    Hi, I would enjoy having a copy of the new Medicare 855I for the full and correct completion of this form. I need this book to begin with the accurate information for the provider for the first time in applying with Medicare. I have worked in the medical billing side in helping providers get their money and teaching them about errors. I am starting a new medical billing service and need all the information to do a proper job for providers and myself. I have enjoyed your other e-mail books and have learned many things. Keep up the good work.
    Your information has been very helpful. I just need to make sure that when I talk to my first client, the information given by me will be correct.

    Lorie Howard, Owner
    Professional Medical Billing/Consulting
    236 Spencer Street
    Folsom, Ca 95630
    1 916 353 0300 Wo
    1 916 985-7115 Ho

  25. Dara Says:

    The confusion you experience with Medicare can delay many important functions in an office. It would be most valuable to receive a book that offered some solid solutions to Medicare questions and requirements.

  26. Sam Anderson Says:

    We are a well known Healthcare IT and Billing Company and have many clients as well. Medicare is obviously a major payer and 855I is almost everything to get paid from Medicare. I really need such kind of document that can resolve my Medicare credentialing issues permanently and you have you solution. Please consider my request on behalf of about 90 team members. Thanks

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