Marketing Your Medical Billing Business

When we first started our medical billing business back in 1994, we would have done anything to sign up a new provider. Our second account was a chiropractor who wanted us to submit only his workers comp claims for $3 per claim. Workers comp claims must be filed on a special claim form and were much more work than commercial insurance billing, but as I said, we would have done anything to get our business started. We took on that account even though we were well aware that we weren’t making a profit doing it.

At that time our NYS workers comp claim forms were a 4 part carbon paper form that we had to order from the workers comp board. They had to be typed each time with as few errors as possible. Of course when you are typing with carbon paper (if you are old enough to remember carbon paper) you tend to make twice as many errors as you normally would. Then we had to correct each error on 4 pages. So needless to say, this was a rather stressful job. The provider was located about 25 minutes away and we had to drive to his office each time he had claims ready. Then if we didn’t have enough blank forms available we would have to drive to the Medical Society (another 40 minute round trip in the other direction) who would give us a few forms.

The reason we took this job was to gain experience. We were green! We needed experience. We needed to submit insurance claims. We needed to learn how to talk to doctors so we first needed a doctor we could talk to. We learned lots from that experience. I’m embarrassed to say how much we learned. The first claims we sent we put one claim in each envelope. We weren’t sure you could send more than one claim in an envelope. Not only did we send one claim in an envelope to the insurance companies, but we sent the copies of all the claims to the workers comp board one claim per envelope too. But we also learned to work with workers comp claims. We learned to type with less errors. We learned to talk to doctors. We learned our value. We learned to ask for referrals. We learned much more than we would have if we didn’t take that account because we weren’t making any money doing it. All education comes at a price and doing those claims for $3 per claim gave us some priceless education.


3 Responses to “Marketing Your Medical Billing Business”

  1. Charlene Hargrove Says:

    Alice & Michelle,
    I really like this article because it is so true to life for me. I have one client that is a “learner” for me dealing with Mental Health Billing. One thing that people should know is when you say Mental Health, that encompasses a lot, and it is a broad field. While some areas of it are very cut and dry, she has a day treatment facility, and different services are billed under different NPI’s . This client is difficult and I am taking a financial loss on her. I did 100% research on her services prior to doing her billing however. I have yet to have a denial, but she has so much chaos with her billing it is a boggle to decipher. Once I untangle this mess, I have already notified her that after this, her fee goes up, or I will have to terminate services. I already have other clinics that I am marketing too. Thanks for sharing that information. It helps you feel not so alone.

  2. Alice Scott Says:

    Some providers are just not working with even if you are making a profit. We have had a couple who wanted to verbally abuse our workers just because they didn’t understand what was going on. In my book this just is not acceptable. I don’t mind working for an account that I’m not making a profit as long as I am learning something that will profit me later.

  3. Mitch Says:

    I did kind of the same thing when starting out. I accepted a rate that wasn’t great just to get into the game, and because of that I wasn’t a happy person for very long. But I learned some things about myself that I was able to work on that helped me long term.

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