Getting Past the Gatekeeper

One of the questions we get the most from medical billing services is “How do I get past the gatekeeper?” The answer is simple. You don’t.

Marketing is the hardest part of getting a medical billing business started and one of the most important. People tend to announce they are starting a Medical Billing Business and then ask “How do I get clients?” Then they call a few offices and get nowhere fast and wonder how to get past the person at the front desk to tell the provider how badly he needs them.

A much better question to ask would be “How can I get sought after and invited in by the decision maker?” When you ask how to get past the gatekeeper you are acting as just another dreaded salesman. People are resistant to salesmen, especially in this new economy. You want to be perceived as a problem solver. Problem solvers are sought out and respected.

So how is this best accomplished?

For the established Medical Billing Service this is not as big a problem as it is for the beginner as they hopefully have made a name for themselves and are receiving frequent referrals from their current clients. They have established a reputation in the community and may even be well known by area providers.

But for the new Medical Billing Service it is much different. This is where marketing comes in. The beginner needs to first find and then zero in on her prospect. This can be done in a few different ways using lead generation. You can place an ad or do a mailing but the key to this is to make it targeted and effective.

Many MBS start out on a shoestring of a budget and want to be bringing in money within 30 days. This is unrealistic. It takes time to find good clients and it can be months before you are paid for your work. So unless you have your clients lined up before you start your business, you can expect to spend a little money to find those first clients.

Now here are some ideas for getting started.

Place an ad! You can place an ad in either your local daily newspaper, a weekly paper, a trade magazine, or online. Keep you ad very simple. The headline is the most important part of the ad. Write a great headline. You want to target a specific problem you feel your potential clients have and get something into the headline that evokes emotion in the prospective client. If you don’t know what problems your potential clients have then you are in the wrong business.

You have to be unforgettable – not just another “me too.” Position yourself as an expert. You must instill trust. Know what sets you apart from all the rest.

Send a postcard! Use the same suggestions for an ad with a post card. Determine who you want to attract. Write a great headline. Target a specific problem and become unforgettable. Send out 100 postcards at a time to your target audience. You can purchase a mailing list or get names and addresses from the phone books. You can even send a letter rather than a post card, but the same rules apply. Keep it simple! Don’t get carried away writing a long letter no one will read. Write a great headline! Get their attention early.

Whatever method you choose remember the basics. Using lead generation you can get your potential clients to come to you. Take the time to come up with a great headline, keep it simple, target a specific area and be unforgettable.


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