Health Care Reform

It certainly has been an interesting week watching the controversial health care reform bill go thru the process it has. I had planned on writing an update on the health care reform after the vote in the house, but didn’t do it right away. Since I delayed writing the update so much has happened. The bill is back in the Senate but looks like it might get sent back to the House. It’s beginning to look like a ping pong match. From a medical billing business standpoint I have been asked many times how we think the health care reform will affect the medical billing industry. I feel that the health care reform bill won’t really affect the medical billing industry all that much. If anything it will strengthen the industry. If it passes, providers will need help more than ever dealing with insurance carriers and making sure they are reimbursed for EVERYTHING that they should be. They will not be able to afford to lose any money. On a personal note, I hope the reform does not pass. I believe it would be a HUGE mistake. I am absolutely opposed to the fact that so many votes had to be bought with bribes and that so much of the bill was done behind closed doors when we were promised transparency. I feel that my children and grandchildren would pay and pay horribly. When Nancy Pelosi stood up and said they will get this bill passed no matter what, even if they had to do it against the people’s wishes and by using dirty tactics, I was amazed. I personally feel that they need to scrap this whole bill and start over. There is too much bad blood in this bill to repair it. Time to get off my soap box and get back to work!


One Response to “Health Care Reform”

  1. Lorie Howard Says:

    Hi Michelle and Alice:
    I agree with you completely. This is going to create so much problems for everyone, not just providers. This country has the best medical system in the world, believe me, I was in the hospital for 25 days last July, and had the best care ever, our medical system saved my life. I need your telephone number, because I have some questions to ask you.
    Lorie Howard
    Professional Medical Billing/Consulting
    1 916 353 0300 or 1 916 985 7115

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