Two Days of Hands On Training for Medical Billing Services

One of the things that we would have LOVED to have access to when we started out was to see how a billing service actually operated. What do you do when you get your first work in, how does the software operate, what do denials look like and what do you do with them? So many more things that you can only learn by seeing and doing. Recently we had the opportunity to provide this type of training to another billing service and the results were outstanding. Here is what he had to say about his two day training:

“In early March, I had the distinct opportunity to work with the team at Solutions Medical Billing. I did not have any prior experience with billing at all. I must say that this” hands on experience” is the “PRIMARY” reason for the opportunities I have!!!
In a months time – I have acquired several clients; and there are a few more offices in the works for which I will be billing for as well. The time I spent with the team in Rome, NY was priceless. Their care and readiness to answer your questions provides a very nurturing and productive environment.

I would just like to take this time to say THANKS to the team in Rome, NY – Solutions Medical Billing.”

E. Christopher Robinson
Assurance Medical Billing, LLC

After doing this two day training with Chris we realized that this is the best opportunity we could offer to others trying to get started. Two days of hands on training, asking any questions you may have and seeing the day to day operations of a successful medical billing service. The experience is invaluable. So we developed a flexible agenda so that the training can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the person attending. For more information on this offer and what topics are covered visit our website at Solutions Medical Billing.

4 Responses to “Two Days of Hands On Training for Medical Billing Services”

  1. Lorie Howard Says:

    Hi Solutions Medical Billing:

    I would be interested in your 2 days of Medical Billing for my new medical billing business. How do I go about making arrangements? Do I come back to your office? What are the costs? I would appreciate a call from you, as I have many questions. I enjoy reading your information from your newsletter. Please respond promptly, thanks.

    Lorie Howard
    Professional Medical Billing/Consulting

  2. Gail Says:

    Hi, I would be interested in the 2 day hands on training, please send me detail for this event.

  3. s Says:

    hi, i would be interedted for the 2 day hands on training, please send me detail for this event..

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      Sorry for the delay. I missed your post. If you give me a call here at the office I will be glad to give you more information and available dates for our hands on training.

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