Alice’s Marketing Corner – Make Your Marketing Efforts Count

Marketing your medical billing business is a very important step to running a successful medical billing business. Many new billers think that marketing consists of sending out 100 letters offering your service to providers but if you want to be successful at marketing, you need to use techniques and systems that work.

First you must recognize that the doctors are not out there waiting for you to open your business so they can send their claims electronically. You must market to find doctors. There are many different ways to market so look for something that fits your personality and wallet. Marketing is going to involve spending some money so invest wisely if you don’t have a lot to spend.

Identify your target – Are you doing specialty billing now. If you are billing for a medical specialty such as mental health it will be much less learning on your part if you target mental health providers. If you try to take on ambulance billing now you will find you have a lot to learn about the subject. Whether you are advertising, mailing out information or making phone calls, stick to your specialty.

Use a great headline – No matter what method you use for your marketing, you will have a headline. In an email it is the subject line. In an advertisement it is the top line in large print. In a letter it is your first sentence. Work on this headline to keep it brief, to the point and it tells the reader about a benefit they will receive.

Give them an offer – Make sure you offer something to them. You can offer a free consultation or a lunch for the staff but offer something compelling so they answer your effort.

Track your efforts – If you don’t keep track of what your results are from each marketing effort you will be throwing money away when you market in the future. You need to know what works and what didn’t work. Sometime something very small will change the outcome in a big way.

Follow up – Make sure you follow up on all offers. If you said in your letter that you will call back to see if they would like to set up an appointment then make sure you make that call. I remember getting something in the mail that sounded very interesting and said they would follow up on it in a week. I thought great! I’ll talk to them then. But I never got a call back and I didn’t call them either. So make sure you follow up on any marketing efforts.


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