Alice’s Marketing Corner – Use a Current Topic

When marketing your medical billing business it is a good idea to use a current topic to your advantage. Read Michele’s article about Medicare’s decision to change timely filing limits and then think about how you can use that to market. This is a great opportunity to put your marketing skills to use.

Medicare always gave us two years in the past to get claims paid. Now they are cutting it down to one year. Do you know of any offices that are having problems collecting Medicare payments? This is a great time to contact such an office and ask them if they would be interested in hearing how this new ruling is going to affect them.

You can use Linda’s great suggestion (on our forum) and offer to bring in lunch for the office to discuss this change. Or you can do a mailing centered around this change to many offices. Make sure you do follow up calls to the offices you mailed to making sure they got the info and asking if they are interested in hearing about the change in timely filing limits. At any rate whenever there is a change like this it is a great opportunity to market.


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