Alice’s Marketing Corner – Don’t Waste Your Marketing Efforts

When marketing your medical billing business choose a field you want to bill and target that field. Working within one field at the beginning of your medical billing career will simplify your life in a big way. You have enough to learn when starting your medical billing service without adding the burden of learning the ins and outs of several different specialties all at once.

For example, mental health billing is fairly simple compared to surgery or home health care. If your first provider is a psychologist or psychotherapist, look for some other providers in the same field when you are ready to take on your second provider.

How do you go about that effectively? Here are some ideas.

Start locally. Look in the yellow pages under the specialty you have decided upon. Let’s use the example mental health providers. Look under psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, marriage counselors, etc. You may find nothing under marriage counselors but there will be some other suggestions there to look under. Make a list of the providers you want to target. Pick a number of providers you want to approach in a one week time frame. Use a number that is reasonable not something you will never finish.

Determine how you are going to approach them. Will you send a letter, make phone calls or go into their office? If you decide to write a letter and send it to 30 providers in your area this week, spend some time crafting a good letter that will get their attention. Don’t make the mistake of making it boring. Many will be thrown out without ever being written so catch their attention early in the letter. Better yet, send a greeting card. People are much more likely to look at a greeting card than to read a letter that looks like junk mail.

Keep track of the providers you targeted. One week later followup. This week you may leave a phone message on the voice mail of every one of the providers you wrote last week asking if they got your letter or card. You want to make the message interesting too. Or you can write a follow up letter instead of a call. Just make sure that one week later you follow up. The follow up is the secret. You will find much more response to the follow up than the original message.

Spend your time marketing. Don’t sit there wondering if you will ever get any accounts. Look for them. Do something. Marketing will cost you some money. You can find creative ways to market on a budget, but you need to make sure that you do something. Keep reaching out to potential accounts. If you work at it long enough and hard enough, you will find the accounts you are looking for. As they said in the movie, “Build it and they will come.”


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