Marketing tip – direct mail

If you use direct mail as a marketing technique to find new providers for your medical billing service learn to make the most from your efforts. You can take names from the phone book or you can purchase a mailing list but mailings can become costly as the expected return from mailing information on your business is very low. When we started our business we mailed out 100 letters to providers in our area. We ended up talking to two possibilities out of those 100. Actually that was very good as we signed up both of them.
You can make your efforts much more cost effective by targeting particular providers with your mailings. Don’t bother sending materials to hospitals and large clinics where they have a large in house staff to do their billing. If you are new at running your own billing service you should start out with smaller providers in specialties that you are already familiar with. Target the same providers once a month several months in a row. This will bring your name to their attention several times and make you more familiar to them. You would be surprised at the response on the third or fourth mailing.
The same is true if you are not using direct mailing but maybe stopping in or calling a provider. You don’t want to become a nuisance but you do want them to remember you. You could stop in one month with a new brochure and go back the next month with a small gift such as a dish of candy. Do something creative and attach a business card or something else that will identify you. You need to stand out so you will be noticed.


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