Marketing With a Newsletter

A newsletter can be a great marketing tool for a medical billing service. Microsoft Publisher offers an easy way to build a great looking newsletter. Build your newsletter around current topics and problems that are happening in the provider’s offices. Include a section on your services and what you have to offer. Try to cover several different topics to make it interesting enough that it will be read.

Look at the hot topics of the day. Obama Healthcare is a big one. If you have an opinion about how this new healthcare program will affect a doctor’s office, write about it. Medicare is changing their timely filing limit. This is certainly going to affect medical offices and some providers may have no knowledge of the upcoming changes and be very grateful to hear about them. You may have a billing issue with a certain insurance company that a provider might like to know about.

Make sure you add a section about your services and why this provider would benefit from using your services. Let them know about your experience and your specialties. If you are a new medical billing service just starting out, tell them about your experience in the medical billing field. Hopefully you do have some experience. You may want to add statistics regarding how expensive it is to submit claims from the provider’s office or how you can save them money by hiring your service.

Put on your creative hat and think about what else the doctor or staff might find interesting enough to want to show the rest of the people in the office. You can make an offer of a free consultation or an offer to come into the office to talk on a subject you wrote about in the newsletter. Target a specific field to make it the most effective and send the newsletters out to all the providers you can find in that field. One month later you may want to write a new newsletter and send it to the same offices. This will help the offices get more familiar with you. Always follow up with a phone call to see if they have any interest in setting up an appointment. Keep track of who you sent newsletters to and what the response was. And good luck with your marketing efforts.


One Response to “Marketing With a Newsletter”

  1. Mitch Says:

    Oddly enough, I just stopped writing my health care newsletter after 7 years. I had just run out of things to say based on the topic I’d been writing about, medical billing, since I really don’t do medical billing anymore. I still have my other newsletter going though.

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