Discouraged in Your Progress?

I have gotten several emails lately from medical billing service owners who have started their businesses but are not happy with where they are in their businesses. This is very common in this type of business. Some people have unrealistic ideas about starting a medical billing service. Some think that it will be easy. Some think that they will get rich. Some start their businesses only wanting to hire others to do the work and not really having to get involved at all. Many start their businesses with the right idea but have no idea how they will find clients and don’t work hard enough on this important part of the business.
Many of these people come to me for advice. We are where they want to be. We started where they are. They want to know how to get the accounts they need and how to get systems in place to make it profitable. Mostly they just want to talk to someone who might be able to help them but there aren’t many places to go for that. What I find is that most of them just need encouragement. There is no quick easy way to become successful in this business. It is one client at a time. One system at a time. One small victory after another.
I remember when Michele and I started our business. It was hard. It took a long time to start making a profit and be able to get a paycheck. We got discouraged. Fortunately we got discouraged at different times. When I got discouraged, Michele would talk to me and when Michele got discouraged I would talk to her. It worked well. We could usually bring each other out of the disappointment and get fired up again about finding a new client or getting an account running better. It took many many small victories to get to where we are now.
I am sure it is difficult when you work alone to get past the disappointments and continue building your business but that is what you must do to make this business work for you. After I get through encouraging a new biller they are usually very grateful and ready to go forward and work on their business. I try to make a few suggestions as to what to try next and they are excited to get some fresh ideas. So when you get discouraged in your business, maybe you just need someone to talk to. Find someone with a positive attitude who you can trust and see if you can’t get some inspiration.


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