End of the Year Thoughts

It’s the end of November and I was thinking about what our accomplishments were over the year and how that stacked up to what I expect to get done next year. I kind of surprised myself as when I first started the list I couldn’t think of much. But then I remembered that we published our first book on Medicare enrollment in March and revised and added 40% more information to our Basics of Medical Billing in June. We went to a seminar in Ohio in July that inspired us to write our book on contracts in August which has quickly become a best seller. We brought in a new manager in September and changed many systems and processes in the medical billing department. We revised and added lots more info to our Chiropractic book in November and are doing the same to our Mental Health book for December. We emailed eleven free copies of newsletters Michele and I wrote. We started a new training program for medical billing services. And we very recently shot some video for sales videos for our ebooks. We will be posting them on Medical Billing Live soon. I guess that was a lot to accomplish over the course of the year but it’s not nothing compared to what we have in store for next year. We can’t wait to share with you some of the exciting projects we have been working on. We’ve got some goals for January we’ll be feverishly working at. Tell you about them soon.


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