Mental Health Billing Made Easy

Our Newly Expanded and Revised “Mental Health Billing Made Easy” is this close (ll) to being released. (that’s close) 🙂

Seriously, we will be sending an email next week announcing that it is ready. We were shooting for this week but I guess I should have read Michele’s article below on time management as I didn’t quite make it.

We added several chapters including neuropsychological testing, EAP visits, nursing home visits, billing medications, secondary and tertiary claims, and denials and appeals. This book also contains 20 completed claims for mental health with an answer key.

We will send a free link to the new revision to anyone who purchased the book in the past year. If you’ve purchased our “Mental Health Billing Made Easy” or our “Mental Health Big Pack” in 2010 we will be sending you a link to the revised version absolutely free of charge. Make sure you download your copy within 24 hours of receiving it as it has a ton of new information for you.

PS A special thanks to Linda Walker for looking it over and adding her suggestions.


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