New Medical Billing Service Needs Help

As a billing service we often receive emails, phone calls or letters like the following email I recently received. (copied and pasted. You can’t make this stuff up!)

Hi everybody,

This is sharan from India am looking for starting an BPO jobs at my native, i have 4 year US medical billing experience , right now i have 10 sys with men power. if you ready give a one medical billing project i’ll ready to start with happiely medical billing outsource with you great support.
First am looking for Demographic entry project or payment posting project for time being with building confedental with youself and myself,


Personally we do not feel that it is a good idea to send our jobs to other countries so I am usually offended by this type of communication. But when I look at it from a marketing position I just have to laugh. I could send this email to 1000 or 10,000 people and not expect to get one response. Is poor Sharan sitting there in India thinking “Oh dear! No one sent me any work. What will I do with my 10 sys with men power? Why did no one send me their work? I hope I didn’t waste my 4 year US medical billing experience”.


One Response to “New Medical Billing Service Needs Help”

  1. Mitch Says:

    I get a lot of those myself for all types of services. I’m with you, not outsourcing anything unless they’re better than what we have, but advertising like that inspires no one to action.

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