Marketing Your Medical Billing Business

Marketing is the hardest part of medical billing for most owners of medical billing services. Billing, entering charges and payments, following up on denied or unpaid claims, that’s the easy part. Getting the clients is usually what holds most people back. Dan Kennedy (a very successful marketing consultant) says that “marketing is not something you learn, it’s something you do”. He’s absolutely right.

We all know ways to market. Some are easier than others, some cost more, some require us to get out of our comfort zone. It’s not that we don’t know marketing techniques. In most cases it’s that we really don’t like to market. Nobody likes rejection. I don’t think anybody gets up in the morning and says “Yes! I should get about 20 ‘no’s’ today!” So we avoid it.

Avoiding marketing only hurts ourselves. It doesn’t hurt the providers we aren’t marketing to. Unless you truly believe that you are the only billing service out there that can provide the service to get them reimbursed all that they are entitled to. Avoiding marketing prevents you from growing, and taking your business where you want it to go.

OK, so we’ve established that marketing is a necessity to grow your business. So what can one do to make marketing less painful? Well one strategy is efficiency. If you develop your marketing to target providers that will most likely be interested in using your service you will reduce the number of ‘no’s’ you will get. For example, if you specialize in a certain field then you would want to target your efforts in that field since you can use your expertise in that field as leverage.

Another way to make your marketing efforts more efficient is to do some research about the providers you are going to market to. If you have some clients, you can ask them if they have any colleagues that they feel may benefit from your services. Doctors talk to each other. They know who is having issues in their offices. If you are doing a good job for your doctor, they should be willing to refer you to others. Make sure you ask if you can use their name. It always helps to say “Dr. Soandso suggested that I contact you.”

The best way to make marketing less painful is to do it smart and make your marketing efforts more effective.


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