Just Do It

Ok so everyone thinks “Nike” when they hear that statement but it’s applicable in so many ways to so many situations. For example we’ve all read that one tip that we thought “that’s what I need to do” or “that will work great for me!”. Or we’ve read a chapter in a book about time management and said “I need to implement that” or “that will make me so much more productive”. But then days go by, and it turns into months, then a year or so and you still haven’t implemented the idea.
You reread the chapter, or you see the same message in another manner and you think “Oh yeah, I was going to do that.” You know it would make a huge difference in your life or business and it wouldn’t even take much to implement but you just don’t take the time to do it. Why? Because most of us will just keep stumbling along to the same beat, doing the same moves even though it’s not working that well because it’s easier than making a change. Even if that change won’t take that much effort and it will make things better, help you achieve your goals. People are resistant to change. So that’s why I say “Just Do It!”
When you read something or hear something that you know will help you to achieve your goals quicker, or easier then you need to implement it right away. Don’t say “That’s a great idea, that would really help me, I should do that”. Just Do It! Do whatever it takes to implement the idea immediately. If you put it off, most likely you will never implement it.
Then months later or sometimes years, you will hear the idea again or be reminded of it and think “oh I was gunna do that 9 months ago but I never did”. Then you will beat yourself up over the time that you lost and how much further ahead you could have been if you had just implemented the idea when you first heard of it.
We recently read a chapter in a book about time management. Time management is one of the most important things in being successful. In order to succeed you must be in control of your time and do the most important things first. Most people are reactive and spend their day doing things that ‘come up’. But successful people are proactive and plan what they do every day. We knew this already and tried to be proactive, but this chapter really gave some good tips on managing your time. We implemented them immediately.
The biggest item in the chapter was to always have a list (which we did). But then in addition to having the list it said that each day you must identify the top 6 things that need to be accomplished on that list and make sure that those things are done first. We already did identify the most important things, but we didn’t always pick six, and we didn’t always share our list. But the chapter went on to say that it was important to also make sure all of your employees also had a list and that they always accomplished the six most important things on their list as well.
That was new for us. We didn’t realize how important it was for us to have our employees items identified so clearly and to make them follow the same guidelines as us for time management. The book explained it clearly as to why this was so important in such a way that was eye opening for us that we began to implement it immediately.
My point isn’t that you change your methods of time management but that you recognize that if you come across a good idea that you implement it. One good idea can mean a huge breakthrough for a person. It can really turn things around. So if you come across a good idea, it’s important not to waste any precious time. Implement the idea right away to get the most out of it.


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