Michele’s Thoughts on Tough Providers

Medical Billing can be a tough business. You can work your butt off, put your heart into it, do a great job and still fly under the radar – but not on purpose. Some providers don’t ever acknowledge you when you are doing a great job. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all of them. There are always those very appreciative ones that praise you all the time and do recognize the work you do. They are gold. But there are the rest of the providers, the ones that no matter what you do will not give you any recognition. Never comment on the work you do, or show any signs of appreciation. And the minute anything at all goes wrong, whether it’s your fault or not, are right there to jump down your throat without even getting all the facts. Those providers can make this a tough business. Most people in the field of medical billing work long hours, and do everything they can for their providers to keep their accounts receivables running smoothly. When a problem arises they do all they can to rectify it, even if it takes extra hours. If the billing were being done in house, would their employees stay late for no pay?? I think not. These providers can sometimes discourage some to the point of giving it up. They throw in the towel because it’s just more than they can handle. I’ve been there. Never thrown in the towel, but certainly thought about it several times along the way. That’s where having a business partner comes in handy. When one of us wanted to quit, the other would pick up the slack. I guess my thoughts on this are that you need to toughen up a little, get a little bolder. Stand up to the provider and professionally give them the facts and let them know that you will do all that needs to be done but you won’t be treated disrespectfully. I tend to be way too sensitive and it bothers me when someone isn’t happy with me. I’ve had to toughen up. I sent a provider an email this week telling her she was very rude and I was blocking her from emailing me anything further. (We had given her a 30 day notice due to her rudeness, difficulty to work with, and erratic behavior.) Life is too short to work with or for providers that aren’t going to respect you and your work. But you can’t be overly sensitive either, so don’t go canning all your providers who’ve ever looked at you cross eyed! You just have to do your best in all you do, and be confident in yourself. Don’t let words by a provider upset you to the point that you give up what you want to be doing.


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