Billing for Suboxone Drug Therapy

Michele and I have been working on a book off and on for the last year on billing for Suboxone drug therapy. We’ve noticed that our blog entry on Suboxone treatment gets quite a few views and we’ve talked to many who have problems billing for this treatment. We work for a doctor who treats patients with Suboxone and have gone through all the problems of getting these claims paid. So we’ve decided to finish this book up and expect to release it over the summer. Just wondering if anyone has any specific questions in regards to Suboxone billing.


2 Responses to “Billing for Suboxone Drug Therapy”

  1. Barbara Griswold, LMFT Says:

    Somehow, this post made me think about diagnoses and treatments that are sometimes hard to get reimbursement for. I have heard from therapists like myself who treat kids with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome or other such disorders that mental health treatment for autism can be hard to get reimbursed. Can you do a blog post about this topic? I’d be interested in hearing your experience/advice if you have any.

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