“Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” Now Available

We are excited to announce we have completed our 12th book on medical billing and it is now ready for you to download! “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” explains to you the pros and cons of each of the four methods of charging your clients and steers you clear of illegal practices. It enlightens you of all the things to take into consideration when you quote a price for your billing services to a provider. We cover patient billing, calculating rates, tying it into your contract, separate fees, monthly fees, set up fees, minimum monthly charges and credentialing. And you can download this book immediately to your computer. This book is a real bargain at only $37.00 with a special limited time offer of a $10 discount on either of our next two books if you purchase by July 15.

Hidden on the last page of “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” is a coupon code for a $10 discount on either “PT, OT & ST Billing Made Easy” or “Denials, Appeals and Adjustments”. We are currently working on these two books and will be releasing them in the next few weeks. Remember this coupon is only going to be available thru July 15, 2011. Get your copy now!


2 Responses to ““Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” Now Available”

  1. Lon Brill Says:

    I have read many of the Books put out by both Alice and Michele and have found all of them to be extremely valuable resources.

    “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” is another winner! This book is an easy read and extremely informative whether or not you are just beginning in your business and looking to price your services appropriately or an established business which can benefit from the various points of view from the information presented.

    Thank you Alice and Michele! Another Triumph!

    Lon Brill
    Fast Lane Billing Services, LLC

  2. Akshar Health Care Solutions, LLC Says:

    “Pricing Your Medical Billing Service” is an exceptional book! Well presented and explained. To me this book is bible to expand business and I know that now I will not under price my service at all. I highly recommend it to everyone considering Medical Billing business.

    Ms. Patel
    Akshar Health Care Solutions, LLC.

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