Marketing Your Medical Billing Service

Just wanted to let everyone know what we are currently working on. Posts on our forum show us that new billers need the most help with marketing their medical billing services. Many established services also need help marketing. The biggest problem established services have is that many already have enough business for several years. Then something will happen that forces them to look for new accounts. Either a doctor will retire or an account will decide to move their billing in-house. No matter the cause of the change, billing services will find that things change including accounts. It’s easy to go along for several years with the accounts you have and find it works well. Then something unexpected happens and you need to find some new business and often you need to find it quickly.

We’re currently working on two marketing projects. The first is a 24 week marketing program where we will send marketing materials every week for 24 weeks. Every four weeks the billers enrolled in our program will receive a 10 page newsletter in the mail with lots of marketing ideas and tips. Other weeks we will be sending samples of sales materials that get attention. By the end of the 24 weeks members should have a great marketing plan working for them. We will be announcing this program in August.

The second marketing project is a new book on fresh new marketing techniques for this new economy. With money tight, we need to be using new tactics to attract accounts. We expect to have this new marketing book ready for purchase by September.


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