Today’s thoughts

Technology is an amazing thing. In my youth my Great grandmother told me about her father’s memories of the Civil War. Civil war mind you. Transportation was by horse or foot. No telephones. In my 65 years the changes have been absolutely amazing. I remember how apprehensive I was of my first computer. Could I learn how to operate it? Now it’s how I spend my days.

I got a new smart phone recently – a droid. I found it difficult to learn to use it until I gave it to my granddaughter and asked her to show me. I thought I bought a phone, but it’s so much more than a phone. What it offers is truly amazing. It has road maps for travel and it goes to where you are on the map automatically. I can talk to it and it gives me answers. That’s more than I get from my husband sometimes. I can say “restaurants Rome NY” and it googles a list of restaurants. It contains so much storage space in such a tiny instrument. It has a flashlight, a calendar, a calculator, internet service, email service, a still and video camera, my shopping list, my Bible, games, Sudoku, and of course GPS. Once you learn what apps are you can add any apps you want. The amazing part of it is that I have only learned a small portion of what it is capable of.

As technology grows I have to wonder how long my aging mind will keep up with the progress. I wish it could do my housework for me.


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