How Will the Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare affect Medical Billing?

The Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling today on ObamaCare. There are a couple of different scenarios and I personally have no idea which one will play out. But this is monumental in my eyes and I am anxiously awaiting the decision to see where ObamaCare is going.

But my interest actually has nothing to do with my profession. Personally I don’t believe that today’s ruling will affect medical billing at all. Whether ObamaCare is upheld or not medical billing is something that is here to stay. And it’s such a crucial job for the office to run that it is important that the provider(s) have a qualified, capable person doing that billing.

Some providers do have very effective in house billing, but I believe that many would (or do) benefit from outsourcing to a medical billing service. Of course that opens a whole new can of worms. Unfortunately there are many billing services out there that don’t do much more than the not-so-good in house billing system. We recently took over some work from a biller with over 20 years experience. I’m not even going to start on how bad things were. I’m just going to say that the providers are getting money for services from last year that they never dreamed they would see.

Anyway, I’m way off point. Back to today’s ruling! Whether or not the Supreme Court upholds ObamaCare, completely throws it out, or finds some happy place in the middle, I truly don’t believe it will have much impact on the field of Medical Billing.


4 Responses to “How Will the Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare affect Medical Billing?”

  1. pmrnc Says:

    Ah, but it is going to be a disaster for the industry as a whole. Look on the bright side, Medical billers might be able to make whistle blower payments with all the non-insured patient’s that come our way! (yes that is sarcasm)

  2. ryanne24 Says:

    What are the “medicaid exchange” programs that each state has to decided whether or not to opt into. do they mean the Medicaid HMO type programs – TX has SO many different ones and each provider has to be enrolled into each one. I could write another few pages in my experiences in dealing with them. They are overwhelmed with number of Medicaid patients being put into these programs. That was one issue. Do you know what the Medicaid exchanges are?

  3. Costa Rica's Call Center Says:

    OBAMACARE enhances outsourcing. Enacted in July 2010, The U.S. healthcare reform (“ObamaCare” or the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”) is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation. The result will show companies deciding to send customer support, sales, lead generation and appointment setting jobs offshore or risk going out of business. U.S companies can take advantage of a dedicated bilingual employee who is 100% committed to their project. ESL nearshore employees in Costa Rica are just as or more effective than transitional in-house employees. In addition, giving the business the freedom to scale up their offshore staff strength without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge in 2014.

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