Changes in NYS Workers Comp for Chiropractors

I know this doesn’t affect everyone but it’s still interesting, at least to me.  In 2010 most states revamped their workers comp systems and the changes affected many providers, not just DC’s.  They tried to pass of the changes in a positive light stating that doctrs would be reimbursed higher rates.  While that was true to a point, the new rules actually limited providers greatly on the treatment they could provide to workers comp patients.  I understand the point behind the action.  There are many patients out there (and we’ve all seen them!) that continue to receive treatment under a workers comp case for years and years.  I’m not saying that some patients don’t need treatment for years after a severe injury but you guys know what I’m talking about.

These changes also affected patients greatly.  I personally know of a woman who tripped at the school she worked at on a rug that was torn and should have been repaired months earlier.  She fractured her wrist and it was a bad fracture.  It required surgery and physical therapy.  I didn’t mention that she was the music teacher and a great pianist so it was really a bad injury for her.  Anyway back to the point, she was denied necessary therapy due to the new rules.  So these new changes didn’t just affect the doctors, but also the patients.

Not much has been said or done (at least to my knowledge) since the changes were enacted.  But recently a DC sent me an article from an email he received and it states that starting in February 2013 NYS comp is going to start to allow chronic care and maintenance care for patients with neck, back, shoulder and knee injuries.  This doesn’t just affect DC’s.  It also affects PT’s, OT’s, DO’s and MD’s too.  And, to me it’s a sign that they are recognizing that some of the changes made in 2010 aren’t working.  So we will have to see where this goes.  I’m hoping it’s the sign that they are now taking a look at fixing the issues that have arisen from the previous changes.


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