Exciting New Marketing Technique

We got an interesting phone call a few weeks ago from a marketing company who said they work as a matchmaker between physician’s offices and billing services.  They offer a service of making cold calls to physicians for billing services.  The billing service completes a form indicating exactly the type of physician’s offices including the size of the office and locations they are interested in.  We are always looking into marketing opportunities for medical billing services as signing up the first client is usually the most difficult part of getting the business started for most new billing services.  We were very interested in how this works as we get lots of emails and letters from billers about marketing.  Here’s what happened when we signed up.
We decided to give this program a try as we wanted to know if it would work for our students and readers.  We completed a form as to what type of specialties we would like to bill for with a range of income in those offices.  We indicated that we preferred leads in a 60 mile radius of our office.  The company offered three plans and we chose the smallest plan which allowed for 100 cold calls every two weeks.  The company then sent us a spreadsheet of the available leads in the categories we chose and asked us to eliminate any that we did not want called.  We went through the list eliminating any that we were already billing for and any that we had reason to believe we were not interested in billing for.
The marketing company wrote marketing materials for us including a telephone script that would be used and it was all sent to us for approval prior to any calls being made.  I asked what there success rate was in actually signing up clients and was told that it was 1% – 2% which is a reasonable number.  I felt they were not trying to sugarcoat their effectiveness.  When I can choose the specialties we are interested in and the size of the office a 1% or 2% rate is fine with me.
We had to wait two weeks for them to fit our calls into their schedule so just last Tuesday they started making calls for us.  Tuesday afternoon I got an email from the company and they had a Internal Doctor interested in our services and wanted me to email him some material.  Wednesday I got 2 emails for two surgical groups who wanted information, one setting up a phone call meeting for next week.  Thursday morning I got one more request for info and another phone meeting.  Friday as I am writing this I got one more lead.
I am thoroughly impressed with the results so far.  We haven’t signed up anyone so far but we have had the chance to send out our materials to several offices that are at least interested in billing options.  There are no guarantees with this sort of thing, and much will depend on the way we handle the leads.   But we are very happy with the results so far.  We’ll keep you updated with what happens.  For more information on the company we are working with, send me an email at alice-solutions@cnymail.com


One Response to “Exciting New Marketing Technique”

  1. Charlie Cecil Says:

    This is exciting news on the Marketing for Medical Billing. I jhave just sent you an email. Medical Marketing for Medical Billing is one of the hardest tasks sometimes. Thank You for sharing this with all of us and goodluck to new adventures with new providers of service.

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