Taking our 2 Day Training on the Road

Recently we did an “in our office two day training” and it was really great.  First of all I love those because it allows us to meet others that are where we were 20 years ago.  When we started in 1994 there was very little help out there.  I can still remember logging into the old DOS bulletin board systems to get connected to others in this industry.  Things have changed so much.  Since we had such a difficult time finding help and getting information it has become our passion to help others.

Several years ago we had a friend from Arkansas come up to spend a couple of days with us to see what we do.  It was so helpful to him that we decided to offer it to others.  We have had many people come over the past couple years and each has been a wonderful experience for us.  Even though we are teaching, we learn from each and every person who comes.

With our most recent guests I was really blown away by how much they said that the training helped them.  It really opened my eyes to how much that we can help people by just showing them the things that we do.  Really it’s just sitting and talking to them that mostly helps.  But it also made me want to be able to offer that kind of help to others.  The two day training is nice, but there is a lot involved.  The person (or people) have to travel here to upstate NY, get accommodations, and pay for the training.  The cost of the training  can be pricey for some who are just getting started, especially when adding the travel and accommodations.  The training includes materials, meals, and one on one time with us.  Since it is one on one time, we have to cover the cost of our time.

It seems like such a valuable resource that it’s a shame that we can’t get it out there to more people.  So I started thinking “how can we make this training available to more people at a lower cost?”  So we are considering taking the training on the road.  We thought that if we could bring our two day training to a larger city and offer it to more people at one time we could bring down the cost while still offering the invaluable information.  So we are planning our first “two day in the office training” conference.

The first one will probably be in New Jersey but we haven’t quite made any final plans yet so the facility is still being determined.  We are going to limit the number of seats so that we can keep the informal setting and allow each attendee to have their chance to cover topics and questions they have.  If this is something that you would be interested in attending please email me directly so that we can get an idea of who is interested.  The seating at each event will be limited so we need to have some idea of how many we are looking at.  We are so excited about this opportunity to be able to get out on the road to meet you!

You can email me at michele-solutions@cnymail.com.


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