Results of marketing campaign

The first week of our calls started 4/1/2013. 

We offered a free billing analysis to any of the providers contacted.  We look at it like this.  The leads we get from this marketing efforts are warm leads.  They are not signups. They are offices that may be having some problems and considering other billing options.  They have some interest in what we are offering.  They may be offices just looking for the free analysis of their billing.  That’s fine too.  If they have good systems in place that work, we don’t want their business.  We are looking for offices that need our help.  We are good at what we do and what we do takes time.  From our experience in returning calls to these people the one thing they do not have is time.  So we can help them.  We will call on denials and get them reversed.  We will do appeals when necessary.  We will get their billing done on time.  We will get the patient statements out on time.  We do the extra work that they don’t have time to get done.  Know your strong points and use them when you talk to these leads.
The reasons we were willing to try this company
Many of these leads may amount to nothing and that’s alright.  We don’t want 6 new accounts this week.  We want one good one that is a good fit for us.  Quite some time ago we paid a girl who worked at the front desk of an office we really wanted to get in to talk to the doctor to get us in.  She got us an appointment and we signed up the doctor and paid her several hundred dollars which was money well spent.  That office brought us in between $4000 and $7000 every month.  We will gladly pay for a lead like that so if we have to sort thru these leads for two or three months to find that good account again, it is well worth it to us.
Many years ago when we first started our billing service we ran into a similar marketing company who did cold calls like this.  The difference was that they charged a lot more, actually set up appointments and sent an experienced person with us to the appointments.  That turned out good for us.  We signed up a good account and learned a lot.  So having had some experience in the past with this sort of situation we decided to give it a try.
Here’s what happened the first week of calls
We received 6 leads from first 100 calls week of 4/1 (we thought was pretty good response)
We emailed or faxed info to offices same day or next we received lead.  We sent the six pages we have printed up in our presentation package and the front and back of our brochure with a short cover letter.  Contents of our presentation package contain

  • A page of info on our company and a list of services offered
  • A list of benefits of outsourcing
  • A list of what we will do for you
  • Our compliance plan
  • A page of testimonials for current providers we are working with
  • Our brochure

Two of the leads requested phone appointments the following Wednesday.

4/10 made scheduled phone calls – results
1st phone call – didn’t have time to look over materials yet
2nd phone call – couldn’t come to phone – with patient – very busy

What we learned:

These offices know that they need help or they probably wouldn’t have agreed to receive the info but they are very busy.  They have trouble taking the time to change anything in their systems.  They certainly aren’t going to call us back saying yes, please come in for our free analysis.  We need to talk to them further to explain how we can help.  We need to do some follow-up now.

4/15 Second round of 100 calls started.
We got 8 more leads that day and 4 more during the rest of the week. (we felt this was an amazing amount of leads for 100 calls) We faxed and emailed info.  One office of the 12 set up a phone call meeting for Monday 4/29
4/16 we sent bank bags with a letter to first batch of leads asking if they were taking enough money to the bank and telling a little about our service and reminded them of the info we had previously sent.  (Read more information about sending “lumpy mail” and “shock and awe” packages in our ebook “Advanced Medical Billing Marketing for the New Economy”.)  We included a list of frequently asked questions about the offer for the free analysis, a business card, a brochure and a post card size offer which expires on 5/10/13 for the free analysis.   One office sent a fax back saying they were not interested.
On 4/23 we called the office back that set up appointment and couldn’t talk when we called.  This time we found out that the billing manager we were to speak to was no longer there.  We spoke to the office manager who asked that we send the info to her to review.  We forwarded email to her.
We also called one of the other leads and found the doctor’s wife who is the office manager was away until Monday.  Call back next week.  Another of those leads said he was not interested.  The final lead never answered the phone, it was always voice mail.  Tried several times with no success.
What we learned:
We waited too long to follow up.  They had forgotten that we sent info by then so we needed to act quicker.  Calls must be made by the following week.  Also realized that the reason they were accepting the info from us was for the free analysis but the initial info we were sending didn’t have anything in it about the free analysis except reminding them of the offer on the cover page.  We decided that we needed to send the frequently asked questions on the top of any other info we sent and decided to eliminate sending the brochure in a fax or email for a couple reasons.  It was redundant.  All the info in the brochure was included in the sales info on the four pages.  It was printed sideways and intended to fold into thirds.  It was too much info to expect them to look at as we were faxing 9 pages.
The office where the billing manager is no longer there may be a good lead.  Need to call back the office manager.

Our Advice
Make sure your calls are made with an offer of something of value to the provider.
Send the right info – related to the offer – don’t send too much info
Don’t wait too long to follow-up
Don’t expect 12 leads in a week – that was amazing!  Don’t know why we had such good results that week but I don’t want to be disappointed next time when only 4 leads come in.  A lead is a valuable thing.
Don’t take it personal when you can’t reach the person you want to speak to in the office.  Sometimes these offices get extremely busy with sick or injured people who must be dealt with.  Just be polite and keep trying until you are told they are not interested.  Then move on to the next good lead.
It may take a few months to find the right great account you are looking for.  I can’t believe that with this many leads coming in that if we do a good job of following up on them that we won’t find the account we are looking for.  What is it worth to you to find the account you are looking for?  How many warm leads do you have if you don’t try the program?  For those of you who can’t afford the program make the calls yourself.  At least you will have some warm leads to follow up on.


11 Responses to “Results of marketing campaign”

  1. Michelle Oliver Says:

    Curious what script the cold callers used when calling…what did they say and who did ask to speak with?

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      They have a script they will use or you can modify or you can write your own. I’m not really sure who they asked for. I have more info on them if you want to check them out.

      • Michelle Oliver Says:

        Thank you for the reply! You are providing a much appreciated service! Please can you tell me what the cost of your workshops are and if you do a long distance version?

      • Michele Says:

        I would like to receive a copy of the script they used and any other information available.

  2. Don K Says:

    Cool….but how about sharing the name of the company!

  3. tiffany pietrowski Says:

    id love to give this company a call and see if they can help us with leads. our cold calling is not working and neither are the expensive mailings.

  4. Renee Says:

    I would like more info regarding this company.

  5. AMPS Says:

    Would Like more info on the company.

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