Marketing Update for end of May

April 30, 2013
This week we got 5 more leads with two phone appointments.
Both phone appointments stated they were not interested.
Called back on previous leads –
Called back one lead who wasn’t in last time we tried and she was not in this time either.  She is the doctor’s wife.
Called back another lead but couldn’t reach contact person again.  We sent an email reminder but the email failed.  Not sure what that means.
Called back three leads and were told they are not interested at this time.
Called lead where we had hand delivered the package.  Told yes she did receive package.  Will look over and let us know.
Two leads we were assured that the doctor did get the info and that he will call if interested.  On one we were told he had a stack of info to go over on his desk.
One lead we called the contact person could not come to phone as she was with a patient.
One lead we called we were told that the information was given to the administrator.
We also sent a few reminder emails.
May 6, 2013

May 16, 2013
We have heard from several others who have decided to sign up as well and so far several have gotten some leads and are following up.  If you have signed up, please keep in touch so we can all share our experiences.  On our part, we are learning lots.  Our biggest lesson so far is to make sure you sign up for the service when you have the time to do the necessary follow up work to insure success with your leads.  I am embarrassed to say that for the last two weeks we have been unable to put the work into our leads that are required.  Several unexpected things came up requiring our time and preventing us from making calls that are required.
I really don’t mean to make excuses but I know it is our own fault that I haven’t gotten any appointments yet.  We had three deaths of people close to us in the last three weeks, we had a guest here for a week and a half to study under us, my 96 year old mother and I spent one whole day in the ER after she shopped until she dropped at Wal Mart and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, Michele’s eight year old was sick and out of school all last week, we both had nasty sinus infections and we’ve had one of our three workers out all week due to her son receiving third degree burns.  Add regular doctor visits and other obligations to the mix and you may be able to see why we’ve neglected our leads.  So once again I want to make sure I get across the importance of undertaking an opportunity like this when you will have the time to follow thru.
So we are now ready to get back to business!  Calls were made for us again this week and we have 6 leads so far.  Five of the six have set up phone appointments for next week.   This is a good sign.  Although it is often difficult to get through even when you have a phone appointment scheduled there is some interest in your offer or they would not have set up the appointment.
Michele and I have talked over what has happened so far and agreed to once again tweak the materials we are sending.  Our results with the calls we have made so far have been disappointing so we really need to see where we have been going wrong.  I think we’ve had something like 23 leads so far and no meetings face to face yet so we are looking at why these leads are agreeing to receiving information from us and then not being interested in going any further.   We are not discouraged on our results as we are looking for the right account and these leads should get us to that if we handle them right.
As I’ve mentioned previously we offered a free billing analysis and we assume that this may be part of the reason the leads may be interested.  As with any marketing campaign we feel it is important to offer something of value to expect the prospect to accept any offer.  If our prospects are interested in the free billing analysis we need to build our materials that we are sending them completely around the analysis.  When we looked at it from this direction we realized that we still were not sending the right stuff.
We tried to look at it from the viewpoint of the office that may have some problems with their billing and are now offered a free analysis of their system.   They agreed to receive information on the free billing analysis so what are they looking for in this information?  We decided that they must be questioning their current situation and want to know if they could improve it.  We should be sending them information on how our billing analysis would help them, what it would identify and what they could do about it.
Most of our leads request information be sent to them by fax or by email so we wrote a few paragraphs for the fax cover that answered the questions we felt they were looking for.  The second page of our fax contained our list of frequently asked questions about the billing analysis.  The third page of our fax was a little information about our company indicating our 19 years of experience and services we provided along with the url of our websites.  This page was designed to give credibility to us and show our experience in this type of work.  Our fax is now just 3 pages.
For the email requests I decided I didn’t want to scan the pages to pdf as I wasn’t sure they would bother to open the attachment and print it out so I included all our information in the body of the email.  Instead of sending the third page of information on our company I wrote a short paragraph at the end of the email.  I wanted to keep the email as short as possible but get the important info across.

Our Advice

If you are not getting appointments to meet with prospects from your leads look at what you are sending them and determine if it is appropriate.  Don’t be afraid to tweak it to insure you are sending what they are looking for.  Try to look at it from their point of view.  Why did they agree to receive the information?  It could have been just to get the person off the phone, but some of them are genuinely interested.  If they were interested, what is the best information you can send them to encourage them to want to learn more from you?  Your main objective is to get a face to face appointment with them to see if it is a situation where your service can help them.
Don’t give up when you can’t reach someone on the phone.  Try and try again.  Eventually you will catch them when things aren’t crazy and they can talk to you.  Don’t take it personally if they can’t come to the phone even if you do have an appointment scheduled.  Quite often doctor’s offices get very busy with emergencies and your call will not be considered important then.


10 Responses to “Marketing Update for end of May”

  1. Sheryl Smith Says:

    I must have missed the part where I could sign up for leads. What is involved?

  2. Renee Says:

    Has anyone considered a 1 page fax – condensed version: 19 years experience, top 3 billing issues you can help solve; FREE analysis; dollar amounts other doctors’ offices have recovered using your services; 3 – 5 FAQ; URL Web Address and contact info (Act Now – Money is Waiting!) ?

    You can follow up with postcards – stating same condensed info. Since they don’t have a lot of time, state upfront their problems & your solutions – show graphically with %.

    If you have assisted with recovering money for other doctors offices’, show 3-5 offices with dollars billed amounts after utilizing your services: Compare losses before your services and gains after your services – graphically – for each office.

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      Sounds like a great idea. I like the idea of a one page fax. We were definitely sending too much when we started. We’ll keep tweaking and let you know what happens.

  3. Diane Says:

    Hi Alice I have made up a questionaire with 3 benchmark questions. What is your days
    in AR? Aging buckets? Payment per patient? I have included formulas where they can
    figure out where they stand. And also offered a free consultation. Hopefully this will catch
    somebodies attention.


  4. tiffany pietrowski Says:

    What is in your billing analysis? Are you using an excel format? Just answering their medical billing issues with your solutions?

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      We ask the provider’s office to run aging reports which will tell us a lot. We once looked at an aging report and were able to tell the provider that he was not getting any hospital visits, nursing home visits or Medicaid visits billed out at all. He also had over $500,000 out over 120 days to insurance carriers. We also ask a few questions about how they are currently doing their billing and if they are running aging reports. But it all together and it tells you a lot.

      • debfini (Debbie Gilbert) Says:

        Alice or Michele,

        With all that information and “enlightenment” for the physician, were you able to secure them as a client?

      • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

        We haven’t signed up any of the leads yet but we have gotten some good results since I wrote the last update. I’ll be posting again soon.

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