More Marketing Campaign Results

May 20, 2013


Made 3 calls to phone appointments – 1 appointment is supposed to be tomorrow but we will be in court all day and unable to call at the scheduled time.  We should have blocked out that day on the scheduling calendar but didn’t think of it.

1st call – They are fine and don’t need anything fixed.

2nd call –  In a meeting – call back later

3rd call – This call was quite interesting.  They were not interested in the free analysis but they were opening a second vision office and were currently billing in-house.  They realized that once they start getting busy in the second office they would not be able to handle the billing for two offices and were interested in talking to us.  She asked if she could keep our number and give us a call as soon as they got the office established.

This made us question our offer.

May 28, 2013 – 4 more leads generated with one phone appointment.

1st lead

We sent the info to the office manager who had indicated on the call that they have 3 different offices and were very interested in receiving information.  She agreed to a phone appointment for the following Monday but didn’t know which office she would be at but if we called they could locate her.

We sent the information and received the following email from her the day prior to the phone appointment.

I did receive your email.  We do our billing in house through Medent’s integrated PM and EMR system. We bill electronically, have two seasoned and skilled billing people and our A/R is excellent.  You are offering a great service, but it is not one that we need at this time.

Thanks so much,


Makes you wonder why she agreed to the phone appointment in the first place.

We decided to ask our contact at the marketing company about this and he suggested we talk to one of the marketing gurus at the company.  We were contacted by Kelly who spent an hour with us going over everything.  He looked into the scripts and offers of other medical billing companies to compare both the numbers and the results.  We decided to try a different offer that has been effective for some other billing services.  Kelly also asked us what who makes our telephone appointment calls and what happens when we make them.  He made some good suggestions about our handling of these calls and explained exactly how the calls are set up.  Kelly also explained how the follow up emails work.

We have decided to use an offer that is working well for another billing service which is that we offer a free first month’s service up to $1000.00 if they sign a one year contract.  We are concentrating on 3 specialties and using this in our phone script.

We also heard from another billing service using the program that did set up a face to face appointment with a lead for next week so we wish the best for them.   We have calls being generated this week again with our new offer so let’s see what happens with this.

One of the things that we realized after talking to Kelly was that we didn’t fully understand their system and we were trying to implement our own system as soon as they got the lead.  We were actually working against each other.  At first we thought that our system might be better since we know the industry but after talking to Kelly we agreed that their targeted email system is better and we are just confusing things by sending ours.  Also, this is a numbers game – we knew that.  But we were contacting anyone that agreed to receive our info and that was also a mistake.  The only leads we should have been contacting by phone were the ones who had set up phone appointments.  All of the others were being sent a very targeted string of emails still trying to interest them.  So by calling them we were interfering with the marketing company’s system.

So even though we still have not signed a client we are very excited about moving forward.  Now that we have tweaked our offer and understand the entire system we are confident that we are moving the right direction.  We are very impressed with the company overall.  When they realized we were not happy with our results they were quick to get in touch with us so that we could work on what was happening and make improvements.


3 Responses to “More Marketing Campaign Results”

  1. Diane Says:

    Hi Alice. We have gotten quite a few phone appts. Five just last week. One lead is very interested because we are local. They currently use one of the huge assembly line type billing companies in FL. She is very interested but in the middle of year end and setting up another office so she said she would call me in August, so I hope it
    works out. I’ll be calling five more leads this week. Thanks Diane

  2. Michael Says:

    I think it is very difficult if not impossible to sell billing services unless you have something unique or extraordinary to offer. If you are selling at the same rate everyone else is selling you have zero percent chance of nabbing a client, no matter how hard you try.
    Don’t forget e clinical works sells at 2.9% and gives EMR and PM inclusive in that, all of them of heard about that.
    What is so special that you have to offer that they can’t?
    P.S. Giving out first free month can be expensive, you have a lot of work the first month, and if they bail, you would take a hefty loss.

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      With an attitude like yours I’m sure it is difficult to find new clients. We feel that doctors need us more than ever before. Getting insurance claims paid properly has become more difficult and more involved in recent years and requires the actions of a professional. Others may be much cheaper than us but if you look at the bottom line there is no contest. How can someone who charges only 3% be doing a complete job? Are they dealing with denials? Are they running and working regular aging reports? Are they chasing down correct ID#s and correct insurance carriers? Are they helping the doctor set up better systems within their offices to insure proper payments? A monkey can submit an insurance claim but can they take care of the denial that will be generated. Maybe it is unique or extraordinary to offer a complete service but when you do it is not impossible to find new clients. In this business you get what you pay for. We work with doctors who care more about the bottom line than paying a little less and getting less service.

      Giving out the first free month’s service is well worth it to us to find a client that will stay with us for years. We are confident enough in our service that once we show a provider what we offer they are not going to leave. Our 19 years of experience has proven this to be true. We are still billing for several of our first clients 19 years later.

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