New Online Medical Billing Course Available

We now have available 6 courses up and running for our online medical billing course with the last four available next week.  Included are:
  1. Introduction to Health Insurance and the Medical Billing process
  2. Understanding Coding and Modifiers
  3. Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim
  4. Billing Medicare, TRICARE and Medicaid
  5. Billing Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Commercial, Workers Comp and More
    HIPAA, HITECH and Regulatory Issues
  6. Reading EOBs, Handling Denials and Filing Appeals
  7. Working with a Practice Management System
  8. Operating a Medical Billing Business
  9. Marketing a Medical Billing Company
   Each course may be purchased individually for $129 per course or you may purchase one of our specially discounted bundles packages here.
     We are offering a special limited time discount to our readers.

Medicare Psychological Rates Increase

Medicare announced rate increases for mental health services this week.  According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services some of the greatest increases for 2014 Medicare payments go to providers of mental health services including clinical psychologists. 

The largest increases will be for neuropsychological testing.  There were a few codes that the rates were reduced including an initial evaluation, the 90791 which was reduced by 15.5%.  According to the APA the following are estimates of the approximate change to individual codes. 


Percent Increase/Decrease

Psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (90791)


30-minute psychotherapy (90832)


45-minute psychotherapy (90834)


60-minute psychotherapy (90837)


Psychoanalysis (90845)


Family psychotherapy w/o patient (90846)


Family psychotherapy w/ patient (90847)


Multiple family group psychotherapy (90849)


Group psychotherapy (90853)


United Healthcare Dumps Thousands of Providers

United Healthcare recently dropped several thousand physicians, many of them primary care providers,  nation-wide without an explanation from United Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage plan. 19% of doctors from the Medicare Advantage network in Connecticut were cut in October. 

The AMA and doctors  in Ct. are fighting back and two Ct. medical associations have a temporary injunction preventing UHC from dropping the providers.  Tens of thousands of patients may become affected by finding their providers now out of network. 

Doctors are very concerned about this new development.  We will have to wait to see how it all shakes out.