New Marketing Opportunity

In the last two months we have signed up more new accounts than we generally sign up in a year.  When we talk to others we find that this is very common right now.  This is a great time for medical billing services to be out marketing.  Providers are looking for solutions to the problems that are arising with all the changes happening in the field of medical billing.  The change to ICD10s seems to be freaking out a  lot of providers.  Some just do not wish to update their software to become compliant with the changes.  Some just want some of this work taken from their offices.

We have also heard and seen ourselves that some billing services have recently gone out of business.   We were recently contacted by a marketing service we previously used.  Our representative told us that they have had really good results lately particularly with medical offices that have been billing in house.  They feel with all the changes in the field this year that it is too much to handle the billing in house any longer.  The rep also told us that several medical billing services have gone out of business leaving their accounts to find new billing services.

With the costs involved in updating practice management systems for the new CMS 1500 forms and ICD10 codes, many struggling businesses decided to call it quits.  We personally are seeing the results of a local billing service that wasn’t doing a very good job fall apart.  This is a great opportunity for the billing service that wants to offer great customer service to their clients to advance.  It’s a great time to be marketing!


2 Responses to “New Marketing Opportunity”

  1. sal Says:

    How can I market by medical billing service

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