Denial Tip #2 Handle Denials Quickly

We find that many providers’ offices and even billing services tend to put denials aside to take care of them later.  This is a bad idea and can actually end up costing the provider money.  The best time to handle a denial is as soon as the denial is received.

Some insurance carriers have time limits on when denials must be handled.  For example, one of our local insurance carriers only allows sixty days from the date of the denial for a denial to be handled.  If an appeal needs to be submitted, or information must be corrected, it must be done within sixty days or it will not be accepted.  Often when the denial is put aside more time passes than intended.  This can lead to missing the time limit on handling the denial.  Maybe there is still time to file the appeal or submit the information, but there is no time for research or gathering the information needed for the appeal or correction.

Another reason it is not a good idea is that the claim is still showing as outstanding in the practice management system.  This means it is still showing up on aging reports and may result in unnecessary work being done.  If the denial is set to the side with no notations made in the system, the person working the aging report may not realize that the claim was denied and call to check on the status.  This would be a waste of time since the claim was denied and the information on the denial was obtained.

Here at Solutions Medical Billing, we take the information of any denied claims and put it right in our work folders for that individual provider.  When the claims and payments are entered for that provider the denials are worked as well right then.  If a denial is set aside or put in a drawer it is much too easy to let it fall through the cracks.

Much money is lost by providers every year on denied insurance claims.  Handling denials quickly will help reduce the amount of money that is lost.


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