5 Things to Make working your aging report easier

It has certainly been established that most of the revenue lost in medical offices is due to the aging report not being worked regularly.  In order to make sure a provider is collecting all that is due the aging reports must be run regularly and worked to ensure that all claims are processed correctly.  Many times this important task is pushed to the bottom of the pile or completely dropped.

The main reason that the aging report is not run regularly is because it is a very time consuming task.  So what if we told you that there is a way to make working your aging report easier?

There are actually several things that can be done to make working the aging report easier.  Here are 5 of them:

1.    Work the report regularly.  Working the aging report regularly makes it easier to work because the problem claims are being taken care of and missed claims are being checked on.  Working the aging report regularly cuts down on the claims that are on the report.  If the report is not worked regularly then the report will continue to grow larger.
2.    Note actions taken on problem claims in the computer.  This will cut down on checking on claims that are already being taken care of.
3.    Get rid of claims that are uncollectable.  Having claims on the report that are not collectable just mucks up the report.  For example, if you have a claim that is two years old and you have no grounds for appeal, and you cannot bill the patient, then you should get the claim right out of the system.  (Noting of course why the claim is uncollectable.)
4.    Check your clearinghouse reports.  Many times the answers to why claims are not paid are right in the clearinghouse reports.  If these reports are not checked then the claims will remain outstanding with no explanation as to why and they will need to be worked.  If the clearinghouse reports are checked and action is taken on problem claims, these claims will either not be on the aging report (because they will have been processed) or they will have an explanation as to why they are on the report and no further action will be needed.
5.    Get enrolled with insurance carrier websites to do claim status checks.  Checking claim status online is much easier than making a phone call.  Enrolling in as many insurance websites as possible will make it much easier to work the aging report.


5 Responses to “5 Things to Make working your aging report easier”

  1. Bob Bortz Says:

    Better yet, use a system that tells you what claims to work as soon as they hit an age which is older than it normally takes that payor to pay. As you work the claims right from the computer, they come off the list automatically. If a payment comes in on a claim on the list, it comes off automatically so you don’t have waste any time reviewing the report. Requires no paper. It’s called HorizonMIS with ESTHER! ESTHER is an artificial intelligence that reviews accounts continuously.

  2. Preethy Says:

    Good one

  3. Linda Flowers Says:

    I love your web site. I work for a hearing aid business. We don’t do a lot of claims but your information has helped me greatly. Merry Christmas.

    • solutionsmedicalbilling Says:

      Thank you! So glad we could help. We love sharing information to make it a little easier for others.

  4. April Says:

    These are very good rules to follow. With our Billing System, I do not have to run reports, the system finds the problems for us. This function is so much easier than wasting paper and ink. We can even place an issue on hold to be queued up if not resolved in a certain amount of days. I haven’t printed an actual report in over 11 years.

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