Choosing an Online Medical Billing Course

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an online medical billing course to get into the medical billing field is how current the course is.  Things are changing at an incredible rate in this field.  If the course you are considering was written more than 2 years ago and is not updated regularly, it will be missing a tremendous amount of critical information necessary to entering the field of medical billing.

Some of the changes we’ve seen just in the past couple of years are:

  • taxonomy codes – Our local Blue Cross now requires that the provider’s taxonomy code be included on all claims for the claims to be processed
  • Affordable Care Act – (Obamacare) How the ACA has affected medical billing
  • ICD10 codes – After several delays the use of ICD10 codes is now set for October of this year
  • New CMS Forms – Last year we were required to change over to a new version of the CMS 1500 form to accommodate the use of ICD10 codes.
  • PQRS  –  changed from an incentive program to a penalty program in 2015
  • EHR  –  a penalty will be applied for any eligible professional not demonstrating meaningful use

And these are just a few!

What good will it do you to take a course where you are still learning the requirements of the outdated CMS 1500 form?  It won’t teach you How to complete a current claim form?  What will you know about diagnosis codes when your course includes ICD9 codes and does not cover ICD10 codes?  You need to understand ICD10s.  What is a taxonomy code?  I guess you won’t know if the course you take is even two years old.

How do you find an online medical billing course that is current?  There is only one – Medical Billing Study Course.

We (Michele Redmond and Alice Scott) developed the course.  We started it in 2013 and completed it in 2014 and are now going through the entire course updating everything that has been affected since it was written.  We want to offer the most current, comprehensive information available.  Michele and I have been running our medical billing business since 1994 and we had a great desire to help others succeed in this business.

P.S.  Our course is not a pdf download that you read like a book.  We offer a real interactive online course where you take online quizzes and exams that must be passed in order to continue.  We also offer real time personalized support by phone, email and forum.  If you have a question or need help, we are there.