We Should Have a Sale!!

What a year 2015 was for us!  We owe you readers an apology.  We had such a busy year that we fell behind in our newsletters.  So now we are trying to get back on track.

Why was our year so busy you ask?  Good news for medical billing services.  We took on more new work last year than we do in most two year time frames.  We doubled our staff in one year from 5 of us to 10 of us.  We spent a lot of time training our new employees.  Thank God for the online courses we built.  They made the training process much easier.  We have found that doctors offices are finding it just too difficult to keep the billing process in their office and are looking for good services to outsource to.  So if you have a medical billing service and are looking for clients, get out there and market your service now.  It’s a great time to be looking for clients.

But back to the topic.  We really didn’t have the time to get our newsletters out as regular as we always have in the past so we would like to offer a sale on our books and courses.  You can now receive a HUGE 20% off  any of our ebooks or individual online courses.  But hurry!  This offer ends on January 15.  If you are interested in a bundle of ebooks or online course bundles, give us a call at 315-207-4222 X 100.


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