Work Flow

Once when talking to a doctor, I compared billing to laundry.  No matter how much you do, you are never done!  In our office we sometimes struggle with prioritizing.  Recently we implemented weekly wrap-ups from 8 AM to 12 PM every Friday morning.

Weekly wrap-ups are used to take care of any jobs from the week that didn’t get done or any projects that come up.   Some weeks it may be one person’s work load was heavier than normal or they were out on vacation so we all work on that person’s work.  Sometimes a special project comes up that we can all work on.  Some weeks there may not be anything so we all just work on our regular work.  Or it may be that we have taken on a new account and have to work an old aging report.  It can go quickly with everyone working on it.

We found this practice works really well.  Often when there is a big project to do, it tends to be put off.  With this system, we just add it to our weekly wrap-up list and it gets done.