“Denials, Appeals and Adjustments” Revised

We are excited to announce that we have completely revised our “Denials, Appeals and Adjustments” including information on ICD10 denials.  We really went through this book adding information and more example appeal letters and adjustment forms.

If you have previously purchased this book, we will be happy to send you a free copy of the new revision!

Send me an email with the email address you purchased the ebook under or the receipt (any proof you purchased) and I will send you a new revision.

Here is more information on “Denials, Appeals and Adjustments”.

If you have not purchased “Denials, Appeals and Adjustments” in the past here is your chance to purchase it on sale.  Use the coupon code DENIALS and get a 20% discount on this book through 4/30/2016.

We have been working hard to revise many of our books and courses as we strive to keep them all current.  Watch for our next announcement of which book and course we will be revising next.

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Here is a list of all our online courses.

1.    Introduction to Health Insurance and the Medical Billing Process
2.    Understanding Coding and Modifiers
3.    Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim
4.    Billing Medicare, TRICARE and Medicaid
5.    Billing Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Commercial, Workers Comp and More
6.    HIPAA, HITECH and Regulatory Issues
7.    Reading EOBs, Handling Denials and Filing Appeals
8.    Working with a Practice Management System
9.    Operating a Medical Billing Business
10.    Marketing a Medical Billing Company

Our Free Medical Billing Forum

We offer a free forum for all our readers to ask any billing or marketing questions you may have.  We personally log onto the forum several times a day to answer any questions we can help with.  This forum is an extension of our ebooks.  If you purchase any of our books and still have a question we make our forum available for those questions.  You don’t even have to purchase any our books.  The forum is free to everyone except spammers.

If you haven’t visited our medical billing forum yet, make sure you check it out.


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